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50% of Trident Cycles retail shop in Helensville folds – the “GNK Syndrome” effect strikes again.

The ‘GNK Syndrome” effect is what happens to a business when the business lets Grant King anywhere near it.

True to form, Grant King continues his destructive journey through the NZ business sector, this time taking out 50% of “Trident Cycles” whilst acting illegally as the Manager of the business, and whilst a bankrupt, since its inception in New Zealand.

So, 50% of the Trident Cycles shop has headed for the scrap-heap (although online sales are still operating on Trade Me), Grant King is most likely heading for trial to be prosecuted for (again), operating a business whilst an undischarged bankrupt, and we await the High Court decision regarding placing Grant King into indefinite bankruptcy.

Just another day in the toxic twilight zone that is Grant Norman Kings pitiful and ultimately meaningless life.

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