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GNK fond of comedy at Parakai Springs, and building dog runs and kennels at 46B Garfield Rd?

The word is that GNK likes to frequent the regular comedy night at Parakai – often in the company of women old enough to be his daughters (not much older) sisters.

I hear that there is a show tomorrow – and I think that I and  a few of my new-found GNKASS Network friends might just take a drive up and say hello to the person who will actually be the biggest joke in the room on the night – GNK.

It also appears that GNK is running a  kennel-making business from the confines of 46B Garfield Rd, Helensville on the sly – naturally, I expect that neither the Ministry of Economic Development (who have JUST prosecuted GNK for running two businesses without the consent of the Official Assignee), nor the IRD will be aware of this activity – well, they are now 🙂

And we are all aware now that GNK is about as successful at building animal shelters as he is successful in every other area of his life – he’s not.

“Forgotten Felines” paid GNK $900.00 to build a cat shelter that leaked so badly, it couldn’t be used (see Herald On Sunday” article below – click on image to enlarge):

Forgotten Felines Herald Article Follow Up

Who is monitoring this guy’s dodgy activities? If the authorities can’t seem to do so on a regular basis, then it will have to be me, I guess.

GNK has also been caught out and confirmed as assuming the identity of a local teenager, and then posting to this site – which just goes to show (again) what an utter low-life creep GNK really is.

Hey “Fair Go”: come and have a chat with US!

“Fair Go” just ran this story about Robert Block of Kopu Cabins.

Replace the name “Robert Block” with Grant Norman King”, and replace the trading name “Kopu Cabins” with “NZ Sleepouts” and “NZ Kennels” and we have a ready-to-go story for “Fair Go’s”  next TV show:

Now, like GNK, rip-off merchant Robert Block may also be – but I have to give Block  some credit for fronting up to “Fair Go” – can anyone see King summoning their long-lost balls and doing the same?


GNK uses his own daughter as a “human shield” at the Waitakere District Court.

Remember this post?

How about the comments section in this post?

And the recent GNK Facebook Threat made by GNK against me?

It turns out that just when I have thought that there is not a barrel-bottom low enough that GNK won’t scrape, he goes and outdoes himself yet again.

It would appear that GNK attended the Waitakere District Court in the company of his daughter, and then hid behind her in the Court room, while issuing furtive instructions to her to summon Security staff to (unsuccessfully) have me removed from the Court room.

GNK then assumed yet another false online identity in one of the above posts, and tried to get a link removed from the “Tiger equine” site that identified his daughter. So, while on the one hand playing the aggrieved defender of a young girl, he uses this same young girl in real life as a “human shield”.

Most fathers of daughters I know attend “show and tell” at school; maybe head off to sports practice or cheer squad with their girls: but not GNK – no, his idea of a “Daddy-daughter” day out is to haul his daughter along to the District Court to watch “Daddy” get prosecuted for fraudulent behaviour, and then hide behind her!

The “Facebook threat” now makes absolute sense – GNK has (again) been caught out as being as abjectly neglectful of his responsibilities as a father, as he has been in every other area of his life.

This is one of the truly rare occasions when further words fail me – suffice to say that, at the appropriate time, I will be posting up the above-named cross-checked evidence of the above encounter.

GNK issues a direct threat to me on his Facebook page.

It would appear that the stress of being cornered like a “sewer rat” has made GNK lose his mind – he is now issuing direct threats to me on his (open) Facebook page.

Such is his apparent insanity and disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of anyone else, he has also posted pictures of his family alongside the threat.

It seems that I am going to have to exercise a greater degree of wisdom than GNK can currently summon, so I will not be linking to GNK’s Facebook page directly.

A copy of the threat however can be found here: GNK Facebook Threat

Now I guess he is going to have to explain himself to the Police – and I know just the Policeman to contact 🙂

Desperate, desperate stuff indeed.

Update: Oh dear, someone really IS upset, not to mention that this second response by GNK confirms the target of the first threat response – me: GNK Facebook Threat 1

Hey, at least now he is posting under his own name – now THAT must be a novel shift for GNK.

I have also secured hard copies of all the posts that were on GNK’s Facebook page, and that have now been removed (including the one of the boat) which I will now be forwarding on to some very interested parties.

GNK leaves an evidence trail that is easier to follow than Hansel & Gretel in the forest.

Hey GNK, the “tough guy” who hides behind anonymous online identities, and anonymous false postings on anonymous blogsites, who hides behind his children when confronted by the consequences of his actions, and who was too scared to leave the court room last week until I was long gone from the building: if you ever wish to meet me face to face and follow up on your Facebook threat – you just let me know – just leave your daughter at home this time, would you?

Here’s a promise for you: Against me , in any facet you may care to name, the evidence to date is now conclusive: I win.

Update 29/6/12: GNK’s threat post against me has now been removed from GNK’s Facebook page – it is unfortunate for GNK that I have the above hard copies as evidence all the same.

The “sook” has also let it slip that he refuses to publish any of my reply comments to his smear site. If this was an episode of Survivor, he wouldn’t even have stepped off the boat and onto the Island, while I would be walking away with the last torch and the cheque.


The process to make a formal “Notice of Claim” in the Disputes Tribunal, District Court, or High Court against GNK.

Thank you to those people who have phoned and emailed me to congratulate me on my success with facilitating GNK to be prosecuted.

To those people who have also made enquiries on what they now need to do to now file their own “Notice of Claim” against GNK.

If the amount of your “Notice of Claim” against GNK is up to $15,000, you can have your Claim & Claim form heard by the Disputes Tribunal.

If the amount of your “Notice of Claim” against GNK is above $15,000, and up to $200,000, the District Court Claim Forms are here, the District Court Rules (2009) claims process is here, and a full copy of the District Court Rules (2009) here.

If your “Notice of Claim” against GNK is above $200,000.00 (and yes, some of the GNKASS Network will fall into this category with GNK), then you will need to file your “Notice of Claim” in the High Court.

A summary of how Courts enforce Judgments is profiled here and  here.

To those parties who may believe that they may have run out of time to serve a Notice of Claim on GNK, this is no longer the case. Plaintiffs may now apply to the District Court to have their Claim considered for a time extension:

District Court Rules (2009):

Extending and shortening time:

  • 1.18.1 The court may, in its discretion, extend or shorten the time allowed by these rules, or fixed by any order, for doing any act or taking any proceeding or any step in a proceeding, on such terms (if any) as the court thinks fit in the interests of justice.

    1.18.2 The court may order an extension of time although the application for the extension is not made until after the expiration of the time allowed or fixed.

The current address for Court Process Servers to formally serve GNK is 46B Garfield Rd, Helensville, Auckland.

I would recommend that those people who now wish to follow in my footsteps and serve GNK formal Court papers do so discreetly. GNK has been (and is) making multiple unsuccessful attempts to smear me online (as is his modus operandi when cornered like a “sewer rat”) however he is trying to hit a “teflon” target.

So let me deal with GNK’s multiple-identity false online smears against me, and you guys get to work on your “Notice of Claim” documentation.