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Grant King issues a Tresspass Notice today.

I have received my very -first-ever Tresspass Notice ūüôā

A very pleasant and civil Constable from the Helensville Police Station came to see me today, to advise that Grant King has formally tresspassed me from 46 K Garfield Rd, Helensville, and that I am to cease all telecommunications contact with Grant King.

To coin an equine term, it feels a little like Grant King having shut the gate after the horse has bolted – I have everything I need from my previous visit, so have no need to return to his property.

And I don’t need to contact him, because the nice policemans visit confirms for me that Grant King is reading the website – and¬†Grant King¬†sounds very, very, upset.

To which my response is – good.

Now, give me my money back, you thieving shyster.

I also understand that Grant King has decided to engage the services of a Lawyer Рmy advice to his representing Counsel is simple, direct, and urgent: GET CASH UPFRONT FOR THE LEGAL FEES!

More posts to follow soon. I now have more leads on this guy than a dog-walking business.

Who is Hayley Morgan?

Don’t ask me – ask Google:

Let me know what you find out?

“Copyrighted photos” Grant? RAOFLMAO!

The New Zealand Copyright Act names specific exceptions (or “permitted acts”) to a claim of copyright on an image. One of these exceptions is “fair dealing” – for the purposes of criticism, review, news reporting, research or private study”.

Yes, it would most certainly appear that the above exception is relevant to my campaign – hey Grant – where’s the (to date) $349,000 gone?


A Home Visit to Grant King & NZ Sleepouts.

Taking into account that almost everything that Grant King has told me to date about my Sleepout job has been a lie, I thought it might be pertinent to ensure that the address-for-service for Court papers could actually be served at the nominated address that Grant King trades under (46k Garfield Rd, Helensville), and validate that Grant King actually lived at the same address Рso I took a wee visit out Helensville way today, and have recorded the visit for readers of this website.

First up was a visit to 103 Mill Rd, Helensville, the factory address for NZ Sleepouts. Somewhere behind these doors is my $23,500, a Sleepout floor, two walls – and nothing else:

103b Mill Rd

The location of  NZ Sleepouts, is at the rear of this property.

The next stop was the address-for-service for Grant King. His letterbox is the last one on the right:

46B Garfield Rd, Helensville

A couple of nice horses¬†reside on the property¬†(I’m not sure that fine animals such as these can be caveated):

GNK Horses

A couple of vehicles on site, which may be of assistance to anyone wanting to trace the owners of the vehicles. The red vehicle¬†is the one driven by Grant King for work, however it is registered with LTNZ in the name of Hayley Morgan, Grant King’s 21-year-old girlfriend of almost 3 years¬†(Grant King is 57 years old). Grant King also has a 14-year-old daughter.

GNK Cars

and the main residence at 46k Garfield Rd, Helensville:

GNK Residence

There is also another photo I have as well that I am going to hold back from publishing for now Рit is going to come in very handy for another part of this campaign at a later date.

Oh, I almost forgot – Yes, he was home when I visited, and No, he was not pleased to see me. After Grant King came into full view while opening his door, once he realised it was me (and that I was holding a digital camera), he rapidly snuck back behind his door like a frightened meerkat, and shouted “Get off my fucking property!”

I duly left as requested, and why not? I had everything I had come for.

Offer to settle dispute rejected by Grant King.

On the back of some encouragement from some folk, who were concerned that Grant Kings business might well go to the wall on the basis of this dispute, I offered Grant King & NZ Sleepouts,¬† the opportunity to settle this issue out of Court, by giving them the opportunity to table an offer of settlement to me. The offer to settle has been summarily rejected by Grant King, who returned my olive branch by calling me a liar, and making some quite astonishing statements about what he believes to be my (apparent) intimate knowledge of the Building Act, the Building Code, and the Resource Management Act as it applied to the building of my Sleepout. According to King, my goal was to put one over the Council, on the basis of a $27,500 Sleepout (I didn’t have ANY knowledge of any of the aforementioned legislation at the time I gave Grant King the go-ahead to build the Sleepout, but I tell you what, as a result of this experience, I am rapidly learning the legislative “ropes”).

Now stay with me, because what King is saying is that for a “bet” of $27,500.00, I would risk the very credible business banking relationship I have with my bank (which would negatively affect my ability to run my business, which provides¬†100% of the income for our family ); negatively affect the LVR on a $400,000 house, risk my fathers health and wellbeing, and place my family at financial risk in the process.

Sorry Grant, but your argument is desperate, illogical, nonsensical, and without any shred of evidence – I see your plan now – lie through your teeth, and hope for the best. I wouldn’t recommend that you try that strategy in Court -you could end up perjuring yourself.

The key question that Grant King & NZ Sleepouts is refusing to answer: where has all the money gone?

You would think that any organisation who have receipted $23,500 of your own money would be able to provide some evidence of where this money has been spent?

Not Grant King or NZ Sleepouts. While we now know that $3500.00 designated to hire labour and help complete the build of my Sleepout was actually spent on the build of another clients Sleepout, what we don’t know is what happened to the $20,000 initial deposit paid by me to Grant King & NZ Sleepouts.

What I can tell you pretty confidently is that it wasn’t spent on its primary purpose, building materials for my Sleepout. When I discovered just¬†one floor and two erected wall panels¬†at my site visit to NZ Sleepouts, I didn’t see any meaningful evidence of $20,000 worth of product – just lots of empty space.

So, for the sixth time: Grant, where has my money gone?