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Grant King 2023 Photo: Someone needs a haircut.

Thank you to the GNKASS member who was able to snap Mr. King / Good / whatever he is calling himself these days.

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Looks like Mr. King / Good  / whatever is still keeping the company of Mr. Micheal Jacomb (the bloke sitting next to King / Good).

Mr Jacomb is the current Leader of the New Nation Party who recently joined a coalition of the politically marginalized with Vision NZ and the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party.

Brian Tamaki & Sue Grey, Leaders of Freedoms New Zealand aren’t going to be happy with this.

PS: This site does not pay for information – the GNKASS Network is vast, wide, and voluntary. Their collective reward is to observe the outcome of sunlight being the best disinfectant.

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