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Press Release: Consumer fighting back after rip-off – and winning.

Press Release: Consumer fighting back after rip-off – and winning.

Just 4 months ago, Steve Taylor went public on Grant Norman King – GNK (trading as NZ Sleepouts), when he ripped Mr. Taylor off $23,500.00 for the non-completion of a Sleepout for his family.

See here: and here: and here:

As a result of launching this public consumer awareness campaign, the following results have been achieved to date:

1/ Multiple media coverage regarding GNK, resulting in national and international exposure of his 30-year + criminal history via for the first time in GNK’s life, with more media coverage to come.

2/ Working collaboratively with the Trade Me Fraud Investigation Team, shutting down an account that was being used to promote “NZ Sleepouts” advertising on “Trade Me”. There hasn’t been an ad for “NZ Sleepouts” on “Trade Me” since this campaign began.

3/ Shutting down of “NZ Sleepouts” as a publically trading business. The factory is now closed for business.

3/ Working collaboratively with the Sella Fraud Investigation Team, shutting down a second illegal company being run by GNK called “NZ Kennels” on the “Sella” website, see here:

4/ Discovering and then setting up a Network of over 60 people and organisations that have been ripped off a total of an estimated $2.69 million by GNK, and collaborating with this network to source information on GNK, information that has and is being continually passed on to relevant statutory authorities, and an information Network that now stretches the length and breadth of the country.

5/ The initiation of a Ministry of Economic Development investigation into GNK for running illegal businesses whilst an undischarged bankrupt, an offence which attracts a prison sentence.

6/ The discovery (thanks to GNK’s own activities) of two of GNK’s closest friends, Karina Mihaka & Michael Edmonds, who are also running illegal businesses and sourcing huge amounts of undisclosed income, also whilst undischarged bankrupts, offences which attract a prison sentence.

7/ Increasing interest, contact, and information supply with and to other Statutory organisations regarding GNK as a result of the discovery GNK’s multiple acts of fraud, deceit, and omission over many, many years, resulting in a growing and increasingly public embarrassment for respective Statutory organisations that GNK has been able to “dupe” them for so long, and how easily GNK has seemingly been able to do so.

8/ A GNK ”Facebook” presence which firmly embeds GNK and his activities to an audience that, if it was a country, would be the fourth largest in the world, a presence wonderfully contributed to recently by Mihaka & Edmonds see here:

9/ Ongoing Police monitoring of this website and its contents, so that information posted here can be immediately followed up at either a local or national level (Police contacts have now been established at both levels).

10/ Ongoing, on-the-ground tracking of GNK and his activities, whereabouts, and associations, in “real-time”, thanks to the collaborative nature of the Network in “4”.

11/ Notification to Prime Minister John Key, and Minister of Justice Judith Collins, about this campaign, in which much of the alleged criminal activity has been sourced to Helensville, the Prime Ministers own electorate.

12/ Notification to the Sensible Sentencing Trust about this campaign, who have been very helpful and supportive to Mr. Taylor.

13/ Saving a local Helensville business (China Red Takeaways) from being defrauded by Grant King.

“In an age of Social media, Consumers don’t have to sit around and wait for other people to help them if they have been ripped off – they can help themselves. As high profile Public Law expert Mai Chen of Chen Palmer recently stated in the recent release of her book “Public Law Toolbox” “the best advocates for people are the people themselves”.

Mr Taylor is now working closely as a formal evidential witness with a number of NZ Statutory organisations who have also been ripped off by Grant Norman King over a period of many years. Multiple investigations of Mr Kings activities are now pending.


GNK having a “cyber-tanty” on Facebook :)

Bring some popcorn – this is vintage King, complete with his multiple fake online profiles 🙂

Update 23/2/12: GNK has seemingly completely lost the plot, and is now actively encouraging people to harm my family and I, and has posted our residential address and my business address on the Facebook page in order to assist people to do so.

The Facebook page is now being referred to and monitored by the Police. Desperate stuff indeed from a dying shark.

Update 23/2/12: Have just cleared the “sewer rats” from the Facebook page – all good to go again.