Monthly Archives: September 2017

Grant King in Wellington, living with Sequoia King? Yes, says Instagram, No, says Taumarunui.

My goodness, Grant “Gypsy Pants” King is certainly living up to his name recently.

A spell in Whangaparaoa with his Mum, followed by a stint in Taumarunui with one of his elder daughters, a brief stop-off in Auckland, followed by a “hunkering down” in Wellington with another daughter.

As a publically disclosed beneficiary, King will have needed to provide Work & income NZ with a permanent residential address in order to meet obligation criteria for receiving same.

Hopefully, he is keeping his WINZ Case Manager advised of his nomadic wanderings (we will let them know, just to be sure).

If King wants to remain under the radar, then having photos of him petting a cat being posted onto Instagram, which then discloses his whereabouts, probably wasn’t his smartest move.

Taumarunui still seems to be Grant Kings current domicile.