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GNK NO LONGER working at Fay’s Place, 6 Garfield Rd, Helensville.

Thanks to the GNKASS Network, another local Helensville Business has been saved from the fraudulent and criminal clutches of GNK.

This time around, GNK only lasted a week before being found out by the owners of Fay’s Place as to who he was, what he was up to, and then GNK rapidly being shown the door.

It would be good if the GNKASS Network could secure a local Asian-speaking representative in Helensville, because it appears that GNK is now targeting English-as-a-second-language based organisations in the Helensville, Parakai, and Kaipara area.

If anyone in the GNKASS Network knows of someone who would be able to assist us in this matter, please let me know at or (021) 2592506.

Helensville District Business Association now aware of GNK.

I have now advised the Helensville District Business Association of this website, and the media stories pertaining to GNK.

HDBA President Matt Hampton has assured me this evening that the Helensville District Business Association now has “very big binoculars on everybody” regarding the GNK situation, and will be monitoring this website and the media so as to best protect their membership.

While the GNKASS Network have now been able to save two local Helensville businesses to date from being ripped off by GNK, the “watchdog” support of the Helensville Business Association will be able to provide a much larger local scope of care and protection against GNK.

Thank you, Helensville District Business Association.

Please say “Hello” to my Internet Defamation Lawyer :)

Nothing like having a specialist in the arena with you:

Pricey? Yes.

Will I ultimately be paying the bill? No.

GNK is (again) going to get has backside well and truly kicked out of the park by this guy.

My computer forensics guy is still under wraps – he’s a bit publicity shy 🙂

Because you see, unlike King, I actually have a reputation to defend.

GNK has just gifted members of the GNKASS Network (and his victims) an opportunity to testify in Court against him.

I have just received two “Response by Defendant” forms from GNK in relation to the Civil Claim I have raised against him.

The next step in the Civil legal process is for me to file a “Plaintiffs Information Capsule”, and it is section 4B of this form that provides an opportunity for witnesses to be called in support of the claim against GNK that I am making.

Under the terms of the District Court Rules 2009 (updated as at July 14th, 2012) I am permitted to nominate any and all witnesses that I believe will testify in support of my claim against GNK.

This means that any witness I nominate in Section 4B will have an opportunity to tell their story in front of a Judge in the District Court – FOR FREE.

Note that the wording of Section 4B reads “I intend to call the following witness(es) to give evidence to support my claim”. This means that I can call both material witnesses to the case, and any other witness that is able to speak in support of any aspect of my dealings with GNK to date (which are now well covered on this website).

Such aspects may include similar or same experiences, issues, or outcomes that a witness may have had in thier own dealings with GNK, as I have had in my own dealings with him.

Such testimony is very useful for illustrating and establishing patterns of behaviour of a Defendant to a Judge during a Hearing, and I am confident that there is more than enough victims of GNK who would be only to happy to assist me in this endeavor.

So, if you would like the opportunity to tell your “GNK story” in front of a Judge, please let me know by emailing me at, or phoning me on (021) 259-2506 by 24/7/12, and giving me consent to nominate you as an interested party to these proceedings, then that would be most appreciated.

Many readers of this site have been waiting a long time to have their day in Court with GNK – well, now is your chance to do so: don’t miss it.