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The Queen v Grant Norman King (April, 2004): The sex offender judgement, conviction, and prison sentence that Grant King told the Sensible Sentencing Trust “never happened” – did.

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For the past 11 years, it has been a firm claim of this website that Grant King (aka George Good), amongst many other dodgy and illegal pursuits, is a convicted sex offender.

For this same past 11 years, Grant King (aka George Good) has flat out denied this claim to all and sundry, including to the Sensible Sentencing Trust, on which King had a comprehensive profile on the SST Offender database.

On the basis of the Sensible Sentencing Trust being unable to secure evidence of the specific judgment, the SST was required to amend King’s profile accordingly, by deleting this information pertaining to Grant King’s (aka George Good’s) sexual offender conviction and subsequent prison sentence for the offence.

For the past 11 years, we have been hoping to secure material evidence of this court case and conviction.

This morning, the material evidence of the judgement, conviction, and prison sentence for the sex offences committed by Grant King (aka George Good) arrived in the post.

We are now seeking legal advice on the limits (if any) regarding the publication of this document.

We will keep readers posted – right now, it is sufficient that readers (and Mr King especially) know that after a long wait – we now have the corroborating information we need to affirm our claim that Grant Norman King (aka George Good) is a convicted sex offender.

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 Jail Sentence Judgment Dec 2015

Grant King 2015 Verdict Waitakere District Court



Auckland District Court grants indefinite Restraining Order against Grant Norman King

In a Judgment that was delivered in just 8 days from the date of the Court Hearing, the Auckland District Court has granted an indefinite Restraining Order against Grant King.

The application for the Restraining Order was made by me, against Grant King, and for the second time, I have been successful in winning in Court against this callous and unrepentant individual.

Since 2011, Grant King has been making anonymous false and defamatory posts about me in various online forums, in a longitudinal attempt to try and attack and discredit me.

King did this in retaliation to me exposing his criminal past, and because I have assisted various statutory agencies to secure 12 convictions (including an 18 month jail sentence) against King between 2011 -2016.

To put this number in context: these 12 convictions represent 25% of Kings total conviction tally to date.

King had engaged in a similar vicious smear tactic against Rocna Anchors some years ago, when he was fired for theft and embezzlement, and then King subsequently anonymously posted false and defamatory information about Rocna Anchors.

This action against Rocna bought the company to its knees in a commercial sense, and in those days, it was well nigh impossible to fight back.

Not anymore.

The Court has instructed King to not only cease and desist his online posting activity, they have ordered King to remove any and all posts related to me.

Failure by King to comply with the Court Order will result in either jail time, or significant and ongoing fines for non-compliance.

What was King’s defence?

Are you ready for this?

(Ahem): “It wasn’t me”.

Sadly for King, the Judge didn’t buy it, and awarded the decision in my favour.

King had to drive the better part of 300km from Taumarunui to attend the Hearing (and then 300 km back home), and even tried to have the matter adjourned until December 2017, but to no avail.

The Restraining Order is indefinite, so if King EVER posts anything about me again, anywhere, and under any name – he is toast.

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 Jail Sentence Judgment Dec 2015

Grant King 2015 Verdict Waitakere District Court

Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) about to “go live” on Grant “cry-baby” Kings sexual offences against a minor.

Grant King has been spinning like a wobbly top recently, trying to convince all and sundry that he was never the subject of sexual offence charges against a minor (i.e. a convicted pedophile) in 2004.

As always, King is about to be taken to the cleaners for trying to dupe those around him.

A “taster” of what is coming:

R V Grant Norman King at (    ) District Court, TO21957, Dated 8 April 2004.

Convicted of 2 counts of Indecent Assault involving a girl aged between 12 and 16.

Count 1: 6 months imprisonment.

Count 2: 12 months imprisonment.

Both sentences served concurrently.

Judge did not consider King suitable for home detention.

Judge SG Lockhart, QC

According to the people who were at the Hearing and Sentencing, King blubbed like a baby as he was led away.

Once the SST Offenders Database on Grant King is live, this website will link to it.

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 Jail Sentence Judgment Dec 2015

Grant King 2015 Verdict Waitakere District Court


“Desperate is as desperate does”: Grant King appeals to Netsafe & the Harmful Digital Communications Act to have this website shut down.


I received a call today from Netsafe, who have been charged with the responsibility of managing applications from individuals who are allegedly distressed by online information about them, under the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

It seems that Mr Grant King has made an application for a “take-down” notice to Netsafe regarding this website, because Mr King claims the site has posted either quote “false allegations” about King, and /  or that Mr King is suffering quote “serious emotional harm” as a result of the information on this website, and /or that Mr King feels quote “threatened” by this website.

Absent in Kings application to Netsafe was any self-awareness about the false allegations, serious emotional (and financial) harm, and threats that King has invoked upon his 72 (known) victims in his 32 year criminal history.


We’ve been here before.

Remember this?

King failed to convince a District Court Judge of these claims in 2014, and if it is of any use to Netsafe, here is a copy of that Judgment:

King v Taylor Court Decision Harrassment Mini File

All that King managed to achieve in his previous attempt to shut this website down was an avalanche of affidavits from his many, many victims, and embedded media attention on a scale that far and away exceeded the reach of this website.

So…………it seems King wants to have another go at shutting this website down, despite not once requesting any corrections or amendments to any information on this website, in the six years this website has been running.

OK then – batter up.

My recommendation to Netsafe is to kick this one straight to the Courts – I already have the press release ready to go.

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 Jail Sentence Judgment Dec 2015

Grant King 2015 Verdict Waitakere District Court


GOTCHA! Grant Norman King sentenced to 18 months Jail in Waitakere District Court this afternoon for (again) running a business whilst a bankrupt.


It’s taken 4 years, 329 website posts, 14 convictions (secured between 2011 and 2015 against King), 3 Statutory investigations by two Ministries of the Crown, 1 landmark Legal case precedent win, 8 media articles, the support and assistance of key King fraud victims and dozens of GNKASS (Grant Norman King Accountability Support Society) supporters, most of whom I have never met, who have been our eyes and ears in the field – but we did it!

Grant Norman King spends his first night tonight in Mt Eden Prison, beginning an 18 month term of imprisonment.

The end, when it came, was a pathetic display by Grant King, as he simpered, pleaded, and tried to manipulate the Judge and the legal system one last time.

In the dock, King pleaded “mitigating circumstances” – the Judge said “None that warrant consideration in this matter”;

King then tried “humanitarian grounds on basis of looking after dependent (19 and 27 years of age is dependent?) young women” – the Judge said “You should have thought of that before you committed your crimes”;

King then had a go at the “It’s coming up to Christmas, can we take the time of year into consideration?” -the Judge said “We don’t decide different sentences on the basis of the time of year, but on the basis of the law and the appropriate legal precedents / authorities – every authority I have canvassed says you should receive a jail sentence”.

Then it was “I don’t want to be 62 years-old and on the scrapheap, I was just being entrepreneurial and didn’t mean any harm to anyone – I just made a mistake” – the Judge said “You are a brazen and recidivist offender who conducts a charade of outward compliance whilst misleading the authorities, and you have a long history of offending, characterised by a strong sense of entitlement towards other peoples money”.

Kings last attempt at some sort of freedom then lay with his Amicus to assist the Court, who suggested that a sentence of Home Detention would meet the “deterrence” requirement for King to change his ways, whilst protecting the public – the Judge said “Home Detention is an inadequate sentencing for this level of offending”.

Immediately on being sentenced on 6 jail term convictions (all to be served concurrently, the longest sentence being 18 months imprisonment), King applied for bail pending an Appeal of his sentencing – after a brief Adjournment, the Judge said “Application denied”.

The on-duty Policeman in the dock then reached for his handcuffs, while Grant “Levi Ponyboy” King / Grant Good / George Good / Grant Norman / Grant Melrose (and all his other online aliases) and his daughter Sequoia King sobbed up a storm – it was like watching two people who had been living in the twilight zone their entire lives finally wake up to reality – and it wasn’t at all pretty to watch.

Grant Norman King, who has amassed over 40 offences in his criminal logbook of life, who even now has over $20,000 of fines owing to the Crown, who sold the Chinese investors in Tern Anchor and Trident Cycles down the river for over $300,000, who hid over $58,000 of income from the Official Assignee this time around, and who has amassed nearly $4 million dollars of fraud against 71 victims of fraud in the past 33 years, was led away, crying and sniffling like the proverbial baby.

I can’t imagine Mr King is going have a very pleasant time in Jail as a historically convicted sex offender.

Double-bunking at Mt Eden Prison should be fun too, I would imagine.

Gotcha, you prick.

The above is just a “taster” of the full story, which I have tonight had confirmed is being scheduled for publication within the next 1-2 weeks with an exclusive media organisation.

I have screeds of documents to publish as well, and I will release these documents on the website on the day the exclusive media news article is published.

Grant King – Convicted Sex Offender.

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