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Notice of Discontinuance of Notice of Claim against Grant Norman King, 1st Defendant, authorised (13/8/13).

As a result of some very wise and helpful feedback from the Judge at the Judicial Settlement Conference on 12/8/13, I have elected to file a Notice of Discontinuance of my Notice of Claim against Grant King, the 1st Defendant named in my claim.

My reasoning for this is based on the fact that in New Zealand Law, in order for me to continue to pursue Grant King as an undischarged bankrupt requires me to seek leave from the High Court to do so.

The cost of initiating this second legal process, in comparison to the amount of money stolen from me by GNK, is prohibitive, and even though there is sufficient legal precedent that would indicate that I would most likely be successful in my endeavour, even when I was ultimately successful in securing a Judgment against GNK, I would be unable to claim any award against him, by nature of GNK being an undischarged bankrupt.

Given these circumstances, I have taken my claim as far as I can reasonably go within a legal context – but that doesn’t mean that I’m finished with Mr Grant King.

Readers will by now be aware that there continues to be a host of on-going Statutory investigations into Grant King, and I am happy to report that I am enthusiastically assisting with each and every one of them.

In addition, my recent exposure of GNKS third illegal business set-up has caused some massive set-backs for GNK’s latest scam in the marine industry – every Marine chandlery, magazine, media outlet and professional association is now aware of what King is trying to pull, and it seems that information in various Marine industry networks travels faster than a signal along a fibre-optic cable.

Chinese media have now also been in contact with me, and are in the process of investigating the back-story.

As we have done for the past two years, every time GNK tries to set up a business, a scam, a job, or tries to do anything dodgy, I and the GNKASS Network will unceremoniously tear it, and him, down again, in order to minimise the possibility of GNK creating any more victims.

Yesterday, Grant King refused to table an Offer of Settlement with me (his third refusal to do so in the last two years): this will continue to prove to be one of the most unwise decisions he has ever made.

The legal campaign might be over – however the public exposure campaign will now be a permanent companion of Grant Norman Kings, for the rest of his natural, and self-imposed pitiful life.

Yesterday, Grant King opined to me that he “had had enough” of the public exposure campaign, and that I had “made me (him) the poster boy for fraud in New Zealand”. King whined that I had “stopped me (him) from working”, and that I had “been able to make contact with almost everyone I (he) have ever met”.

Not once did it occur to King that all he was experiencing was the law of natural consequence of 30-plus years of fraud against 70 (known) victims – he seemed genuinely bemused and aggrieved that everything had fallen down around him over the past two years, to the point that no-one in the English-speaking world will have anything to do with him (and the Chinese world is soon to follow).

More information to come, as we progress.


Settlement Advisory: David Swale & Swale Earthmovers 12/8/13

I am pleased to advise that at the conclusion of a Judicial Settlement Conference held at the Waitakere District Court today, a Deed of Settlement was signed between myself as the Plaintiff, and David Swale, and Swale Earthmovers, as the 2nd & 3rd Defendants to my Notice of Claim.

The details of this settlement were nominated as confidential to the signatories of the agreement.

This outcome formally ends my Notice of Claim against David Swale, and Swale Earthmovers, in accordance with, and subject to the mutually agreed terms of the agreement being met by all parties.

In recognition of the Deed of Settlement, all material relating to David Swale & Swale Earthmovers will be removed from this website.

An opportunity to table an Offer of Settlement was also made to Grant King as the 1st Defendant today.

Despite a number of attempts by the Judge to encourage Grant King to consider the facts of the case, and despite the Judge giving Grant King repeated opportunities to consider settling his component of the Notice of Claim, Grant King repeatedly refused to enter into any settlement process or negotiation, so my Notice of Claim against Grant King is still active.

This Advisory is made in accordance with the above Deed of Settlement, and is made in good faith.

I have reviewed the site, and believe that I have removed any and all references to David Swale & Swale Earthmovers – if there are any references that I may have missed, please advise at

Update 14/8/13: A Notice of Discontinuance against Grant Norman King as the 1st Defendant of my Notice of Claim has now been authorised and filed. Please see here for a fuller explanation of this decision, and my intended actions against Grant King, going forward.

Tern Anchor = Grant Norman King flogging off a rip-off of the Rocna design, made by the same Chinese manufacturer, with inadequate tensile strength, and with a worthless warranty as well.

The reach of this website is truly amazing.

A reliable and experienced Marine Industry contact has had a very close look at Grant Kings “Tern Anchor” website.

It is reported that:

a// The design of the anchor is based on the Rocna designs and anchors that Grant King stole from Rocna Anchors whilst he was the Production Manager at Rocna.

b/ The Manufacturer of Tern Anchor is the ex-manufacturer of Rocna Anchors, Mr Wei Li of Shanghai Pangtong Business Development Company and is a gentleman who has been angling for NZ residency for years – residency that Grant King has repeatedly promised to assist him with, but has not as yet been able to deliver (The NZ Immigration Department has now been advised of the association between the manufacturer, Mr Wei Li, and Grant King, and have now advised that they have begun a formal investigation).

c/ The Tern Anchor cast and tensile strength is reportedly utterly inadequate for the job it is designed to do – hold a boat firm under pressure. Having someone drag the anchor along the shallows of a local beach (as illustrated here) is not a sufficient “pull test”.

d/ The warranty and a number of pictures displayed on the website are knock-offs from the original Rocna Anchor website – there is no correlation between the Tern Anchor, and the nominated warranty – it is worthless drivel.

Naturally, this now looks like Grant King has been illegitimately holding onto Rocna Anchor intellectual property, anchor designs, point of sale, you name it, for years.

Clearly not content to accept his defeat of getting the arse from Rocna for embezzling funds, stealing product, and attempting to organise an industrial sabotage for a future takeover, whilst representing Rocna Anchors in China (company emails leave a powerful trail), Grant King has seemingly decided to see if he can launch his ill-gotten goods into the NZ Marine industry, under another name.

Not on our watch, Mr King.

Chalk up another victory for the GNKASS Network!


“Peoples Republic of China” website viewing stats are rocketing regarding Tern Anchor & Grant Norman King!

Ok, so that didn’t take very long:

I have just reviewed the access statistics of this website, and there has been an enormous leap in traffic from the country nominated in the stats engine as “The Peoples Republic of China” within the last 24 hours.

It seems that word has already got out about “Tern Anchors” in China, and I now have a very good contact in the Chinese media.

To give readers some idea of the increase? Visitors to the site have increased by 700% (and counting), and we were already at over 100,000 site visitors since January 2013 (the date of the site transfer from WordPress to a NZ-based host) before the Tern Anchors” story was posted up.

I guess China is a really, really big place after all?