An introduction to the “New Nation” Party.

This is a helpful introduction to the New Nation Party.

Apparently, the Party (as yet reportedly un-registered with the Electoral Commission) began life as the New National Party, which then morphed into the New Nation Party.

Lucas Lormans of Kiwi Voice was the interviewer, and the video is in the public domain on the NNP Facebook page:

One thought on “An introduction to the “New Nation” Party.

  1. Gats Tran

    George Good aka Grant King appears to be an administrator for the New Nation Party and posts policies and party statements on the parties Facebook page. His name appears quite regularly. Disturbingly he also asks for money, donations and party fees. He also deletes any comments or questions they don’t like. Seems the Leader and founding member is well aware of Goods past but chooses to ignore it and keep him in the party central. Obviously a good politician in the making with his head in the sand. Lots of big talk policies but nothing on how it’s all going to be paid for. With Goods past and his major involvement vote NNP at your peril. My view is that all the donations and party fees will dissappear into certain back pockets based on his 40 plus years of criminal fraud and behavior.


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