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Helensville: you have been warned.

I completely agree with the father in this story:

So, just in case anyone in Helensville has missed the news, your region has a convicted sex offender by the name of Grant Norman King living in its midst at 46B Garfield Rd, Helensville.


GNK’s alter-ego “George Seeker” shows up again.

GNK must be experiencing a male version of mid-life menopause – his alter-ego, George Seeker” has shown up again.

Below is the dialogue to date on one of 3 attack sites GNK has set up, and my responses. Enjoy:

Interesting development

April 26, 2012

GNK: An interesting new post on this site of Steve Taylor’s relates to an “about to be released” attack on Marinoto North Youth Services. Time to contact them and find out what the true story is behind this before Steve lets fly with another blatant outpouring of lies, as he is so prone to doing, in the desperate hope of him replacing the rocognised social services agencies with his own private form of therapy. Steve even posts a photo of marinoto staff and names those who he is about to “expose’….pathetic to say the least, they obviously upset him in a big way ( probably by being honest and doing their job) and now his familiar attack path is set in motion with threats of what is to come for them. When will Steve learn that bully boy tactics should not be used by someone who fails so much in this in the past.

Update shortly. 26 April

Seems this posting has riled Steve up and he places insulting and threatening comment on this post.

Take note Steve Taylor: Do not assume you know who I am or claim I am somebody I am not.

You seem hell bent on proving that anyone who speaks out against you, or dares to stand up to you, or has a differing opinion to you lately is Mr King.

Sorry to dissapoint you but even I have more ability and credibility than he has.

I also am aware that despite you doing your best to bring him down he is in fact very happy with life and seemingly immune to you petty comments and games.

Threaten all you like but this site will continue and will ultimately bring you down using the same tools that you constantly employ yourself.

The difference being that I will do it correctly without the insulting namecalling and filthy language that you like to employ in both your postings and you comments and private emails.


  • Failure indeed? I got your scalp, didn’t I? And Atlas Plumbings, and….oh look, just Google my name to find the rest. Still waiting to see my magazine expose, and still waiting for you to post at I guess that I will just need to make friends with disappointment – your family have with you long ago, didn’t they Grant? Yes, please enter my arena, and let me kick you 15 ways from Sunday once again.

  • Grant, you deluded, sociopathic, evil little excuse for a human being:

    You write under an anonymous name, and provide not a shred of evidence for any of your claims, thus you have no credibility in anything you post; I have no issue with people who disagree with me, however I have a major issue with anyone who rips me off for $23,500, puts my fathers health in jeopardy, and places my family at risk, as you did; I have shut down not one, but two of the illegal businesses that you were running whilst an undischarged bankrupt; I have ensured that another business that you tried to infiltrate got rid of you quick-smart before you had a chance to rip them off; you haven’t worked since November 2011 since I publically exposed you; the first 7 search strings of a Google search of your name brings up that I created and set up; as a result of the publicity about you that I have initiated, you are now the subject of multiple statutory investigations, all of which attract lengthy terms of imprisonment; I have located over 60 people (and counting) that you have collectively ripped off to the tune of approximately $2.69 million (and counting) over a 30 year period; you are now on a pathway to incarceration, and I have put you on it, as a result of your actions towards me and my family; you have entrenched traits of anti-social behaviour, and a manifest sense of illigitimate entitlement, which is why you steal from others without any sense of remorse or compunction; you are currently so desperate to survive, you offered to work for free at the last business you tried to rip off (a takeaway), just so you could have access to food (and probably their tills); after 30 years of you lying, cheating, stealing, embezzlement, fraud, and a host of other criminal activities, I have once and for all stopped you in your dirty little tracks, and I will continue to monitor and report on your activities until the day that you breathe your last breath, because what you did to me and my family was unacceptable, and I am thus powerfully motivated to see you fall, and continue to fall you will. You need to get this through the toxic soup that is your deviant and twisted little brain – I am never going to stop pursuing you and Swale, until justice is done for myself and my family. We are now 6 months into this, and I am just as motivated now as I was on day 1. You messed with the wrong guy – how many people have already told you that? 5? 25? Get a clue. In the meantime, you just keep stirring the pot, and I will just keep turning up the heat. There are over 60 people now depending on me to nail you – and nail you I am doing, and will continue to do – and well.

And we’re off! Legal campaign launched today against GNK.

Consistent with my “I never bluff” policy of life, I am happy to announce that Part 2 of this campaign was launched today, that being the legal pursuit of monies owed to me by GNK.

And yes, GNK, I am going to play this part of the campaign out in the public arena (with the obvious exception of sub judice), as I have played every other part of this campaign out in the public arena, which means your past victims will be able to follow along as we go. Won’t that be a barrel of jollies?

Bet you’re wishing you had settled now, eh GNK…………………………….

Did I mention that I never bluff? Someone better tell “George Seeker”.

7 days, 6, 5, 4,………………………………………………………………. roll on the 20/4/12 🙂