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Grant King reduced to driving around in his girlfriends beaten-up Isuzu, whilst Tern Anchor & Trident Cycles remains firmly closed for business.

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A GNKASS supporter had a wee drive past 103 Mill Rd Helensville yesterday, and noticed this vehicle parked outside, and copied down the licence plate:


A quick internet search revealed that this vehicle (GCJ693) is connected to  a “Hayley45” Trade Me account, the account of Grant Kings girlfriend, Hayley Morgan.

It also appears that Grant King has been shifting items from time to time through Trade Me, using Hayley Morgan’s Trade Me account.

“Tern Anchor & “Trident Cycles” remains firmly shut: the Tern Anchor signage is located sitting on the floor at the back of the shop, and there is a bunch of Trident bikes dumped where they have been dropped off on the shop floor.

The place was closed down, in the middle of the day, and the lights were off.

Can I just say how incredibly grateful I am to the local Helensville community for keeping me up to date with Grant Kings activities and movements – they are an awesome example of community guardians.