“Peoples Republic of China” website viewing stats are rocketing regarding Tern Anchor & Grant Norman King!

Ok, so that didn’t take very long:

I have just reviewed the access statistics of this website, and there has been an enormous leap in traffic from the country nominated in the stats engine as “The Peoples Republic of China” within the last 24 hours.

It seems that word has already got out about “Tern Anchors” in China, and I now have a very good contact in the Chinese media.

To give readers some idea of the increase? Visitors to the site have increased by 700% (and counting), and we were already at over 100,000 site visitors since January 2013 (the date of the site transfer from WordPress to a NZ-based host) before the Tern Anchors” story was posted up.

I guess China is a really, really big place after all?


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