Fraud victims of Grant King can give testimony against Grant King at my Notice of Defence.

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In response to enquiries from a number of Grant King’s apparently (according to King) non-existent fraud victims:

Fraud victims of Grant King have the opportunity of giving testimony against Grant King at my Notice of Defence on 12/3/14 at the Auckland District Court.

According to legal advice, all I need to do is file a “General Memorandum” of fraud victims of Grant King that wish to give testimony against Grant King at my Notice of Defence, and submit this “General Memorandum” with my Notice of Defence & Evidential Affidavit (which would include all of the affidavits in support from other fraud victims of King), and request that these fraud victims be heard as witnesses within closed Court.

Prior to the Hearing, the Judge reads the Notice of Defence, the Evidential Affidavits, the General Memorandum, and then determines as to whether he / she will permit testimony to be given at the Hearing.

This means two things:

a/ Grant King will have to defend the multiple statements of perjury he has now filed in his application to the Court, against witnesses who will have filed evidential affidavits against King, that will refute Kings claims of no fraudulent activity against these same victims occurring;

b/ If King objects to witnesses being called against him, the Judge will most likely ask him / herself why King suddenly has a host of “non-existent” fraud victims wishing to testify against King, and just what King believes he has to fear from these same “non-existent” witnesses and victims of Grant Kings fraud.

Long story short – in filing the Application against me and this website – King has just snookered himself.

So, if you would like to have your name included in the “General Memorandum” please email me at and I will add it to the list, and attach this General Memorandum to the Notice of Defence and the Evidential affidavits.


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