Trade Me re-list Trident Cycles under false account name, despite Consumer advisory warning, and ADMIT that undischarged bankrupts are allowed to trade on the Trade Me site.

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Trade Me have re-listed Grant Kings account “Cycles2u”, and the Trident Bike products, despite being warned about Grant King, and despite Trident Cycles and Grant King being banned from a major cycling industry event this week.

It appears that Trade Me are going to choose ignorance over wisdom regarding this issue – and Trade Me consumers are going to be the victims.

When the future consumer victims find out that Trade Me knew about the Grant King & Trident Cycles listing fraud, and listed their product anyway…………

UPDATE 19/2/14:

I have had a response from Trade Me today:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch again with your concerns.

Please be aware we’ve entered into lengthy discussions with the directors of Tern Marine and Trident Cycles, and their legal representation. They’re aware of Mr. King’s history on our site, and of the allegations made on your blog.

We take the complaints of this nature very seriously. As you are aware, we do not allow undischarged bankrupts to trade on the site in most circumstances.

To demonstrate the seriousness we take these matters, we suspended the cycles2u account while we investigated the matter. We have investigated the matter and have taken steps to ensure that Mr King is not operating the cycles2u account. I’m not able to discuss this in further depth with you due to our Privacy Act obligations, as outlined in our earlier correspondence.

Please also be aware that a number of the statements and allegations you make about Trident Cycles are inaccurate. Trident Cycles may have grounds for a defamation complaint in this instance. Should the company consider taking further legal action, Trade Me could be obligated under the Privacy Act to supply your correspondence with us to assist in any proceedings against you, as it constitutes their personal information.

Kind regards,

Trade Me Liaison

I have replied as follows:


At the risk of me sounding blunt, if “taking steps to ensure Mr King is not operating the Cycles2u account” is the best you have come up with, then Trade Me have been well and truly “played”.

Grant King IS Cycles2u – Grant King IS the NZ Manager for the company – unless you are sitting right next to him, there is nothing you can actually do to stop him operating the account.

You don’t allow undischarged bankrupts to operate on the Trade Me site in MOST cases?

Excuse me? So there ARE undischarged bankrupts operating accounts on Trade Me?

Is the general public aware of this?

I would be grateful if you could explain to me how you have come to believe that the statements I have made about Trident Cycles are inaccurate.

You seemed to have left our victims group right out of the investigation – did it occur to you that we might hold some evidence to back up our claims?

Yes, let Trident, Tern, or whatever they are calling themselves take defamation action against me – Truth and honest opinion are absolute defences to the tort of defamation, and we have both defences well covered.

When the bike frauds and worthless, unenforceable warranties start to pile up in the not-too-distant future, I will be sure to come back to you and see how those “steps” Trade Me took to protect New Zealand Consumers (and Trade Me account holders) worked out.

Steve Taylor,


 Trident Cycles have given an undertaking to Trade Me that Grant King won’t be operating the “Cycles2U” Trade Me account.

Let’s all see how THAT all works out.

The main contact person at Trade Me for fraud – related issues and media is:

John Duffy – Head of Trust & Safety.






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