Grant King really, really, REALLY wants this site gone…………..and here is a way he can get his wish.

It seems that the failed legal attempt by Grant King to have this website shut down has not dimmed his enthusiasm for trying to achieve his goal through less overt means.

Since the Court case, King has attempted to employ a number of strategies to achieve what now seems to have become quite an obsessive goal on his part.

In the meantime, Kings illegal management as an undischarged bankrupt of Trident Cycles and Tern Anchor (for which he is currently before the Courts – again) has resulted in Tern Anchor disappearing as a business, Trident Cycles losing 50% of its trading space in Helensville, and King and Trident Cycles being permanently banned from Trade Me for (again) breaching Trade Me’s terms and conditions of trade.

Yes, times for Mr King must indeed be tough – a recent confirmation from an American Paddle Board company that King had been trying to sell “knock-off” copies of their paddle boards in NZ was met with a quick withdrawal of these boards from sale in NZ.

And as we await the High Court Ruling as to the status of Grant Kings bankruptcy (which is most likely to become permanent), and as Lawyers throughout the land now regularly reference the King v Taylor court case in their submissions to Court when representing clients under the 1997 Harassment Act, the name “Grant King” is now embedded in the legal, media, and online communities for all to see.

It didn’t have to be this way for Mr King.

The solution to Kings current (unwelcome to him) high profile was offered to King way back in 2011 – and again in 2012 -and again in 2013 – and Kings answer was always the same – “No”.

The solution offered to King was a simple one – that King pay back the money he stole from us, plus our costs incurred to pursue the claim against King, and that a settlement would be considered, a settlement which would involve the removal of this website from the public domain.

It is said that wisdom is proved right by what results from it, and the result of Grant Kings’ “wisdom” on this matter has been evident for all to see over the past three years – court convictions and sentences, multiple media, more court cases to come, lost businesses, King being ostracised from his local community, King shifting to smaller and smaller accommodation,  a formal public examination (a full write-up of this is to be published, once the High Court Judgment has been delivered)….. the list goes on.

Long story short – King has chosen to bathe in the consequences of his own actions, whilst accepting no responsibility for these actions, and crying to anyone who will endure him “it’s not fair”.

So King wants this site down?

No problem: King just has to pay me what he stole from me, plus costs, and the site comes down  – a simple example of restorative justice.

If King’s answer continues to be ‘No” – then this site will continue to monitor him and report on him – forever.

Over to you, Mr King.






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