Trident Cycles starts to rack up the fraud victims: “Leviponyboy” Trade Me account is Grant Norman King – and Trade Me knows it.

 Grant Norman King continues to extend his middle finger to the NZ Legal System:

The latest fraud victim (# 72) writes:

“My husband is the member on TradeMe, and you know the story, this guy was trading again on TM. using the name Levi but I remembered Helensville as his area.

When the bike didn’t turn up, and he suddenly disappeared from TM, we contacted TM and made a report and then heard nothing back.

We had basically accepted that we’d lost the money, and being a birthday present, our daughter was also very disappointed.

Then yesterday we rang, e-mailed ( and phoned TM again, and they got back to us to say that they had contacted him via e-mail, (as he didn’t return their calls either) and his story was he’d just sent it, and TM was giving him until this morning to do so.

They refuse to give me any details about this “trader”, or why he is no longer on TM.

The name the “trader” gave me to bank the money was Levi Norman. I was checking my bank account yesterday and I noticed that the name actually came up as G K Norman, so I started to search, white pages, nothing, and then variations on G – greg, garry, and then grant, and guess what, I saw your site, and read it, then saw the trident cycles connection, and looked on FB, 103 Mill rd Helensville and his website, and there is the bike we purchased.

I tried the phone number for Trident, it goes to answer phone every time.

But I knew it was the same guy. So it was actually his bank account that gave him away. 

I keep looking at your site, and then read the story about TM and tried the mobile number, and he actually answered.

He was a bit flustered as to how I had connected the dots, I launched into I’ve bought a bike from you on Trade Me…which he at first denied.

However he was then able to tell me that he had just yesterday sent it to Toll to be freighted and knew the receivers details and address, and gave me some story about a guy named Levi who lived down the road he sells bikes too, who then resells them on TM.

However he could not give me his phone number when I asked for it… 

I just told him I didn’t believe him, and that he was the same person, which he denied.

When I asked him about being bankrupt, he confirmed it, and he said he just worked for Trident cycles. 

I insisted on a tracking number, which TM was unable to even get out of him.

He gave me one, it was incorrect when I searched for it.

I then rang Toll, and they did actually confirm that they had picked up from 103 Mill rd a package for my daughter. So maybe miracles do happen, I’ll let you know when it is received.

So our concerns are the same as yours in that TM is letting this guy trade and as you said throwing people under the bus! this is not on.

This experience has been awful, the whole site is built on trust, and it is a big ask to hand over money in good faith based on a picture.

If TM weren’t so paranoid about getting their money and insisted on more transparency, contact phone numbers, address verified, bank accounts, maybe less people would be scammed.

If they themselves had more trust that the sellers would pay them!

I think he has only decided to send it in the end because TM investigations was onto him and he must really need TM to sell these.

However it does not change the fact that as you pointed out he should not be trading at all. 

How do you hold TM accountable?

I did e-mail them the link for your TM story, so hopefully they digest that.

They seem unwilling to accept any liability, and quite prepared to protect this guy?”

Long story short: Grant King is still illegally trading, despite a host of legal sanctions against him not to (including a High Court Judgment).

And Trade Me’s role? An appalling case study regarding the on-going enablement of a criminal.

NZ Legal system: over to you.

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3 thoughts on “Trident Cycles starts to rack up the fraud victims: “Leviponyboy” Trade Me account is Grant Norman King – and Trade Me knows it.

  1. Anonymous

    What can people do ? Write on this website the precise details you discover, share it with people you know, tell them to share it and watch out for this individual. Then forward your letter to the MP – thats John Key. Ask him why the Police are not prosecuting this individual for fraud ? Then forward it to the media, all of the media… badger them… let them know what Fairfax ( is up to – protecting him, just so they can get their little fee.

    These are not civil matters – they are all pre-meditated, documented, repeated – fraud. Then forward it to the Labour Justice Minister, and the other Political parties… then visit 103b Mill Road, at 2am… bang as loud as you can on the door… take people, cause a shit storm, REFUSE to accept this man creating untold hell for people that work hard for their money, and lastly – NEVER EVER GIVE UP and NEVER EVER GIVE IN. Never rest and fight for justice.

    1. Anonymous

      One more… start a petition… To get Fairfax to wipe out the trading ability of this serial fraudster and all of his aliases that are nothing more than childish attempts to reorder his clearly damaged “NAME”.

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