The key question that Grant King & NZ Sleepouts is refusing to answer: where has all the money gone?

You would think that any organisation who have receipted $23,500 of your own money would be able to provide some evidence of where this money has been spent?

Not Grant King or NZ Sleepouts. While we now know that $3500.00 designated to hire labour and help complete the build of my Sleepout was actually spent on the build of another clients Sleepout, what we don’t know is what happened to the $20,000 initial deposit paid by me to Grant King & NZ Sleepouts.

What I can tell you pretty confidently is that it wasn’t spent on its primary purpose, building materials for my Sleepout. When I discovered justĀ one floor and two erected wall panelsĀ at my site visit to NZ Sleepouts, I didn’t see any meaningful evidence of $20,000 worth of product – just lots of empty space.

So, for the sixth time: Grant, where has my money gone?

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