Herald on Sunday follow-up article on GNK (22/01/11)

GNK may well be heading to Jail (again):

Herald On Sunday Follow- Up Article on GNK 22/1/11

Forgotten Felines Herald Article Follow Up

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Now that the Ministry of Economic Development have taken action so promptly against GNK for running not one, but two businesses whilst a bankrupt, I now await:

  • The Ministry of Social Development taking action against GNK for benefit fraud;
  • The Inland Revenue Department taking action against GNK for tax fraud;
  • The Commerce Commission taking action against GNK for multiple breaches of the Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act;
  • The Accident Compensation Corporation taking action against GNK for ACC fraud.

Each of these organisations have now been supplied copious amounts of information and evidence (by me) that should be enough to put GNK in jail for a lot longer than 12 months – let’s see if these Statutory agencies can act as swiftly as the Ministry of Economic Development, and finally enforce the laws of the land on GNK in a meaningful and substantial way.

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