Who are Mark Saber and Brett Barry, and what is their association (if any) with GNK, NZ Sleepouts, and Swale Earthmovers?

Found this Trade Me ad today:


The build style and spec features of the Sleepout are almost identical to the one I was quoted for by Grant King, and the location of the Sleepout is at 111 Mill Rd, Helensville (Portable Saw Mills). I understand that this address has previously been used to store NZ Sleepout units. Mark Saber is the seller of the Sleepout, and says that he “builds about 4 of these a year”. Interestingly, Saber also said that his Sleepout would not need a permit – Mr Saber might want to have a read of this document from the Dept of Building and Housing, which specifies work that does NOT require a permit, and an 18m2 Sleepout is not on the list – even one on wheels.

I am not at this stage saying that there IS a connection between Saber, Barry, & GNK – I am just interested in finding out if anyone might be aware IF there is a connection.


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