GNK and his false claims of illness.

We believe we now know that GNK has been stealing from the Ministry of Social Development, ACC, and the IRD, by falsely claiming for both benefits and illnesses, whilst working fulltime, failing to declare income, and whilst recieving child support. GNK has claimed to people that he has stolen money from that he has had at least four strokes and a heart attack; has claimed that his daughter has leukemia; and has claimed that his mother is desperately ill, all to make excuses for delays and non-completion of building work.

Aside from the fact that falsely claiming illnesses for money taken and work not completed, and / or for benefits received is a fraudulent act, it is also a despicable and insulting thing to claim for those people who do experience such major health events.

The only significant health problem that GNK might be able to lay legitimate claim to is a personality disorder – GNK displays almost all of the signs and symptoms of a Classical Sociopath – see here:

Memo to MSD, ACC and IRD: GNK ain’t sick – he’s just an “A” grade deceitful wanker, and he has taken you for fools – my only question to you all, as publically funded statutory organisations now is this – what are you going to do about it?

3 thoughts on “GNK and his false claims of illness.

  1. Frank Henry

    In our situation he said that a family members child was in starship having there bowel cut out etc, right on

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