GNK rips off another Helensville local (he’s building chook boxes now as a cottage industry business from his home).

Attention, Attention, Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment.

I have just had it confirmed that Grant Norman King, undischarged bankrupt, of 46B Garfield Rd, Helensville, has started ANOTHER illegal cottage industry business right under the noses of the Ministry and the District Court.

This time, GNK is in the chook box construction business from his home, and has just taken ANOTHER person to the cleaners.

King sold them a large chookbox (remember this post? Its this one), took the money, and then failed to deliver on the product specification (i.e. he told them they were getting one thing, and he then gave them something else of a lesser value, and absent of some critical features the client believed they had paid for), a bait-and-switch scam similar in vein to the Forgotten Felines fiasco. If you look at the chookbox that has been advertised, you can only see the outside of it. There is a reason why King didn’t post a photo of the inside – it’s because the inside is absent of any roosting boxes for the chickens.

As previously advised on this website, it seems that 250 hours (less the discount for an early guilty plea) of Community Service was an insufficient deterrent for King to stop trading as a self-employed business owner.

If any authorities are interested in pursuing this issue, I can email them offline with the evidence of the above claim.

To be frank, I wasn’t expecting King to be successful in any more rip-offs, especially in his home town of Helensville – maybe now some of the Helensville locals and local community Facebook hosts walking around with self-imposed blinkers on their eyes and cotton wool in their ears regarding King will work a little more diligently in protecting their own from this sociopathic freak?

Time will tell, I guess.

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