Is “Tern Anchor” now officially out of business?

A member of the GNKASS Network reports that the “Tern Anchor” business premises at 103 Mill Rd, Helensville, is covered top to bottom in white sheets.

This is a reminiscent scene of what happened with the closure of NZ Sleepouts & NZ Kennels (at the same address).

On that occasion, once the Official Assignee got wind of Grant King illegally running a business whilst a bankrupt, the business premises of NZ Sleepouts & NZ Kennels was locked down, had the windows covered off, and the office of the Official Assignee moved in and took over the assets.

Given that the Official Assignee is now formally objecting to Grant Kings automatic discharge from bankruptcy in October 2013, I’m picking that a similar process is now in play with dodgy business number 3, Tern Anchor.

So, let’s see if we can predict what Grant King is going to do next, based on the last two years of the GNKASS Network tracking every move:

1/ Complete his 200 hours Community Service.

2/ Plan his next attempted scam, while waiting for the heat to die down on the current scam, Tern Anchor.

3/ Attempt to put his next scam in place.

4/ A member of the GNKASS Network reports to this website what Grant King is up to.

5/ The story goes live on this website.

6/ Another media story emerges from the attempted scam.

7/ A loud cheer erupts from the GNKASS Network.

One has to wonder, don’t they, that when Grant King thought it would be a good idea to rip me and my family off, did he ever stop to consider the ramifications of his decision to do so?

Well, we’re 2 years on, and I’m still going strong 🙂




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