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I have been having a very enlightening conversation over the past two days with the Helensville Community Facebook Page. Helensville is Grant Kings residential community, and one in which King has committed a significant amount of fraud against local businesses and individuals since being domiciled there.

The Helensville Community Facebook Page is a page of around 480 members of the Helensville Community, and it is one of the communities within which I issued the latest Consumer Advocacy warning about Grant King and the “Trident Cycles” scam.

The full conversation is attached in a word document below, and illustrates both the difficulty a community can have at recognising risk within its own environment, and the division that such risk can create within this same community.

What was most surprising to me during the conversation was the role that Grant Kings daughter, Sequoia King, played in the dialogue.

Unknown to me, Sequoia is a member of the Helensville Community Facebook page:

Sequoia King

As you will read in the document below, Sequoia’s online conduct was abusive, foul-mouthed, and wilfully ignorant of her fathers legion of gross misdeeds and criminal history.

Despite being warned by me for her not to engage in what was a debate and discussion regarding her fathers criminal activity, Sequoia simply charged ahead anyway, seemingly as ignorant and / or as uncaring as her father at being able to read life’s landscape of choice and consequence.

She even refers to her father as “an innocent man” in one of her posts, and Sequoia’s absolute disregard and contempt for the 70 victims and their families (that we know about) of her fathers 30-plus year criminal history feature prominently in her responses within the discussion.

It was both illuminating and frightening to see how immersed Sequoia has become within the lifestyle and thinking of her fathers dysfunction – and how easily an admitted minority of other posters still seem to see Grant King as this terrible victim of circumstance in his utterly legitimate exposure as a career criminal.

By the same token, it was encouraging to also observe how many local Helensville people are now aware of the risk among them, and to hear that this awareness has sown its own community caution of Grant King as a result.

Unfortunately for Miss King, in failing to heed the warning to stay out of what was a public forum dialogue, combined with what appears to be her paternal inability to summon anything approaching personal wisdom and self-control, she has now inadvertently created her own piece of internet history, which Google will file away.

This is not particularly good news for Sequoia, as any of us who are employed (be that self-employed, or working for someone else), will quickly realise that employers now routinely Google applicants for jobs as a part of the recruitment process, as do training organisations such as Universities and Polytechnics who are screening applicants for study courses. The ramifications are thus obvious.

So once again, Grant King fails to protect his daughters best interests, and instead (once again) hides behind her in a public forum, and then pushes her forward to defend his indefensible behaviour, thereby creating a very significant and longitudinal consequence for her in the process.

It therefore seems that no-one is safe from Grant Kings coercive, manipulative, and abusive behaviour – least of all, his own family.

It also appears that the proverbial “apple” has not fallen far from the proverbial “tree”.

The full conversation is here:

Helensville Conversation 20-11-13

Update 21/11/13:

It seems that the Helensville Community Facebook Page has now been closed down.

The Moderators have no doubt not heard of the “Streisand Effect”, which is when any attempt to censor a story has the unintended and opposite effect  – the story just “grows legs” and flourishes.

This might be why the reader statistics on this Post for this website seem to be indicating some pretty intense viewing of late  – so welcome, Helensville readers – the more of you there are, the safer your community will be.


2 thoughts on “Conversation with a Community: The Helensville Community Facebook Page.

  1. down with the king

    i love it- gives us more insite into mr king, be great to know a little more about his upbringing and how he grew into the man he is now ?

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi DWTK: According to the people I have talked to who know / knew the family, Grant Kings upbringing was pretty good: his father was in the military, and Grant used to visit his father at the Ranfurly Rest Home in Mt Albert. His mother reportedly provided a safe and secure home, and his siblings built a successful life for themselves. The development of a Sociopathic personality (as that displayed by Grant King) around 70% of the time is laid down genetically, and is most easily recognised as a person displaying what is known as “callous” or “unemotional” traits. This basically means that a Sociopathic person can be unkind, cruel, and devious, and feel no remorse, insight, or sorrow for these acts. In fact, they become extremely upset when the normal reactions of anger, hurt, grief, and loss are displayed by their victims towards the Sociopaths awful treatment of them. In other words, they live in an upside-down world, where bad is good, and consequence to them is unacceptable. People who have lived with Sociopaths describe it as living in a twilight zone – partners and family members of Sociopaths can lose a sense of themselves, and their moral code: their very identity “merges” with the Sociopaths. In the Sociopaths world, people are simply pawns in a game, to be used, abused, and then cast off when they have served their purpose. The orbitofrontal cortex—which is involved with decision-making and considering whether the consequences of an action are likely to be good or bad—is impaired in those with Sociopathy. Sociopaths such as King don’t show normal emotional reactions to dangerous things, to negative emotion and to punishment. They don’t feel the same arousal when others get hurt or punished. This is why I just shake my head at people who defend King or call for him to have the chance to be rehabilitated: Grant King CAN’T be rehabilitated: the guy is hard-wired for criminal and dysfunctional behaviour, and he is hard-wired to not even consider or care about the consequences of his actions towards others – which makes him dangerous to everyone, and most dangerous to his (admitted minority) of supporters. Eventually, they are going to be his next victims in some way, shape, or form – and they are utterly ignorant of this fact. Kings family disowned him in his 20’s when he began his criminal career. Even his time as a student at James Cook High School was fraught with King basically being a prick to all of the other children around him – he was known as an absolute trouble-maker, and his peers couldn’t stand him.


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