“Trident Cycles” the latest business incarnation for Grant Norman King, current bankrupt.

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I truly do have eyes everywhere, and thanks to another tip-off, can reveal the following:

First, we had NZ Sleepouts  – which I put out of business.

Then, we had NZ Kennels, – which I put out of business.

Then, we had Tern Anchor,  – which I put out of business.

Now, we have Trident Cycles:

Trident Cycles Business Cards

Notice on the business card that there are two email addresses, one “corporate”, and one private (a very familiar Gmail account).

History teaches us that the reason Grant King has two email addresses is so that he can divert any income or sales of the product to his own personal bank account from anyone who contacts him on the personal email account, and not to the business who is unwittingly supplying him product – that way there is no record of the transaction, King walks away with the money, and the supplier is none the wiser.

King pulled the same trick at “Rocna Anchors”, who he embezzled for thousands of dollars, and stole product from.

Yes, folks, you have read the above correctly.

Grant Norman King, current bankrupt, and who the Official Assignee has opposed as being released from bankruptcy, has set up a FOURTH illegal business, right under the noses of the Official Assignee, called “Trident Cycles”.

The email I received from a very wise individual who Googled Grant King was as follows:


This might be another update for you.

I was at the Big Boys Toys last week. They had a display of bikes and the brand is called Trident. I had a wonderful and uplifting chat with this guy called Grant King and he was absolutely knowledgeable and confident. He did tell me that his website was not up yet. So I thought I do search his name just to see if the website was up. I could not believe it that it is the same Grant Norman king. He is the guy. Thick skinned guy. After what he did to all those people he dares to go in to business?

I have decided not to buy any of his bikes”

(Sigh): when is Grant Norman King ever going to learn?

“Batter up” for business number 4 going the same way as the previous three.

3 thoughts on ““Trident Cycles” the latest business incarnation for Grant Norman King, current bankrupt.

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  3. Bob Smith

    Loving reading this website. Keep up the good work. I am still amazed that the old adage of one being born every minute still rings true in this day and age. We see it from all the people who are continually “sucked in” by all sorts of scammers who come up with what often seem the most transparent of scams but their plausibility in person can win people over. I know of others just like this joker who keep popping up and using the same old lines with different people and convince themselves that their lies are, in fact, the truth (God, I could tell you some stories about someone I know like that)!

    P.S. Hate to be a spelling troll but pedophile is paedophile and it is “latest business incarnation”. If we’re going to keep the sod down, best to have it right and proper!

    Feel free to edit this last sentence off the reply though!
    Regards and keep it coming.


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