Grant Norman King is now going after this website, and denies many of his frauds in a Court Affidavit claim to close this site down via a Restraining Order.

Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

If ever there was any doubt about just how effective this Consumer Victims Advocacy website has been against stopping Grant Norman King in his 30-plus years criminal and fraudulent tracks, that doubt was eliminated today.

I am in receipt of an application for a Restraining Order by Grant Norman King to the Auckland District Court.

The application seeks to silence me, take down this website, and prevent any further publication of material pertaining to Grant Norman King.

In the affidavit, Grant Norman King denies a number (but certainly not all) frauds listed in the “Timeline”.

For example, Grant Norman King denies:

a/ Trying to ingratiate himself with “China Red Takeaways” and “Fays Place” in Helensville, and not disclosing his criminal history;

b/ Building a rooster house for a Helensville local, selling it to them, and not including the rooster perches in the rooster house;

c/ Selling horses through ‘Tiger Equine”;

d/ Not disclosing to Community probation his attempt to rip off a local Helensville charity, whilst on Community Service on the grounds of the charity;

e/ Ripping off a local wedding celebrant for $4000.00 to build a wedding gazebo;

f/ Ripping off me and my family for $23,500.00 for the Sleepout that was never built;

g/ Ripping off a local Helensville building supply company for $14,000;

h/ Ripping off a Trade Me customer for selling a $5000.00 horse;

i/ Ripping off a former employer for $28,000.00 to invest in a Sleepout business;

j/ Ripping off $60,000.00 for a customer who paid for two Sleepouts to be built;

k/ Ripping off a 91 year old pensioner for $5000.00 for building work never completed;

l/ Ripping off a West Auckland transport company for $1600.00 to transport Sleepouts;

m/ Ripping off a Northland family for $48,000.00 to build a Sleepout;

n/ Embezzling from, stealing product from, and engaging in an internet harassment campaign against a former employer, Rocna Anchors;

o/ Ripping off a feline rehabilitation charity for $900.00 by building a leaky rehabilitation unit;

p/ Ripping off a local Helensville builder for $20,000.00 by using the builders trade account, buying product, and then not paying the builder back;

q/ Ripping off a Wellington client for $15,000.00 to build a Sleepout that was never built;

r/ Ripping off a client for $4000.00 in 2009 for a Sleepout that was never built;

s/ Ripping off a local Helensville landlord for $10,000.00 for unpaid lease payments;

t/ Ripping off $800.00 for a fence that was never built;

u/ Ripping off $2000.00 from a client for a roof that was never built;

v/ Ripping off $200,000.00 from a client to repair his boat – King sunk the boat in the harbour;

w/ Ripping off a business purchaser in Moselle Ave, Henderson, for $90,000.00;

x/ Ripping off the tax department;

y/ Ripping off a business friend and partner for $25,000.00 via the Pewterworx business;

z/ Ripping off $10,000.00 for a cheeseboard business investment that was non-existent;

a1/ Ripping off the computers from the Waitakere Community Arts Council whilst he was a treasurer for the organisation;

b1/ Ripping off a prominent Auckland car racing club for over $100,000.00 whilst the treasurer;

c1/ Defrauding over 100 investors between 1997 – 2003, whilst trading as Cybernaught Promotions, Triangle Marketing & Advertising, Pewterworx, and Te Henga Design;

d1/ Issuing a prospectus and ripping off investors between 1994 – 1999, including one client for $270,000.00;

e1/ Attempting to defraud his insurance company after an arson on a building.

Whew! I ran out of letters of the alphabet 🙂

Those reading this will quickly realise that it is their own direct experience with Grant King that King is denying to the Court.

The Auckland District Court has nominated 12/3/14 at which I must make an appearance.

I must file a defence to Grant Kings claims at least 5 days before the Hearing date.

What I need now from the plethora of Grant Kings victims (you will know who you are in relation to the above list) is affidavits signed by an authorised signatory (see form) that confirms your fraud experience with Grant King.

Here is a template of a standard affidavit.

Affidavit Document Template

Simply print out the document or save it, fill it in, and then get it signed off by an authorised signatory, and scan email it back to me with all signatures completed to

I need these affidavits to be sent to me, so that I may file them as a part of my defence, ASAP.

Make no mistake people – Grant King is now hell-bent on closing this website down, and of silencing his host of victims.

For 30 years, Grant King as a criminal and fraudster was invisible and virtually unstoppable.

Then, he made the colossal mistake of ripping me and my family off in 2011 – he then became very visible and very stoppable via this website.

If King succeeds in his application for a Restraining Order against me and this website, then King gets to go back to being invisible, and more victims will be added to what is already a very, very long victims list.

Let’s ensure we don’t let that happen?

Kind Regards,

Steve Taylor,






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