King v Taylor District Court Notice of Hearing announced.

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Date: Tuesday April 15th, 2014.

Venue: Auckland District Court, Level 5, 69 Albert St, Auckland.

Time: 10am start (please be seated in the Court Gallery at the back of the Court room before this time).

Time Estimate for Hearing: 0.5 day.

Attendees: Same as last time – if you are a victim and you want the opportunity to be heard – please show up.

Those victims who are submitting affidavits, and who have yet to file them, have until Tuesday 1st April 2014 to do so. Please supply two copies of your affidavit to the Court, and file in person at the Auckland District Court, 6th Floor.

3 thoughts on “King v Taylor District Court Notice of Hearing announced.

  1. Michelle smit

    I am not working on Tuesday and been following this story since the beginning – I might just attend to support you. But having never been to a court – it’s a little daunting and scary (for me). All the best! Let’s hope this is the one.


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