Trident Cycles increase turnover in March….to an average of $146.00 a day :(

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Goodness me, I had a look at the Trade Me sales summary for Trident Cycles tonight located here.

If you add up the completed sales for the month of March 2014 to date (Trade Me being the sole mechanism for Trident Cycle sales), you come up with $2792.00 of turnover up to and including 19/3/14 (today).

That figure equates to just $146.00 of turnover a day.

That’s $146.00 a day to cover the costs of a building lease; vehicle; advertising / branding; salaries; show fees, and the other associated costs of running a business.

The Chinese must be ruing the day that they ever thought that it was a good idea to get into business with Grant King – they must surely be bleeding thousands and thousands of dollars a week in unrecoverable costs.

No doubt they will soon learn the lesson of “GNK Syndrome”, whereby anyone who allows Grant King to get anywhere near their business ends up suffering MASSIVE losses.

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