“Levi Ponyboy” Grant King pleads with Victim # 72 to have these posts taken down – “No” is the response.

“Levi Ponyboy” Grant King is now in a desperate, and ultimately futile attempt at damage control.

It seems that these recent posts have attracted the (warranted) attention of a number of interested parties to the content, and Grant King has now made contact with Victim # 72, pleading with them to have these posts removed from this website.

I pause to consider how it may have felt for the victims of Grant King (72 victims over a 33-year criminal history, totalling approximately $3.5 million dollars in fraud), who may have made appeals to Grant King for him to “do the right thing” by them?

As readers of this website will now know, appeals to King in the realm of decency, integrity, keeping ones word, honouring contracts, or upholding his end of any deal always fell on deaf ears – King would either ignore them, threaten them, abuse them, or go into “victim” mode and claim “harassment” against him.

Now the shoe is on the other foot – “Ponyboy” is squealing like a stuck pig.

For goodness sake, Grant, what you are experiencing is the law of natural consequence – for once in your life, own up, and man up.

Your host of victims would expect nothing less of you.

In the words of one victim who wrote to me today:

“Grant King stole almost all I had worked for all my life up until that time.

He deserves to be punished for what he has done”

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