GOTCHA! Grant Norman King sentenced to 18 months Jail in Waitakere District Court this afternoon for (again) running a business whilst a bankrupt.


It’s taken 4 years, 329 website posts, 14 convictions (secured between 2011 and 2015 against King), 3 Statutory investigations by two Ministries of the Crown, 1 landmark Legal case precedent win, 8 media articles, the support and assistance of key King fraud victims and dozens of GNKASS (Grant Norman King Accountability Support Society) supporters, most of whom I have never met, who have been our eyes and ears in the field – but we did it!

Grant Norman King spends his first night tonight in Mt Eden Prison, beginning an 18 month term of imprisonment.

The end, when it came, was a pathetic display by Grant King, as he simpered, pleaded, and tried to manipulate the Judge and the legal system one last time.

In the dock, King pleaded “mitigating circumstances” – the Judge said “None that warrant consideration in this matter”;

King then tried “humanitarian grounds on basis of looking after dependent (19 and 27 years of age is dependent?) young women” – the Judge said “You should have thought of that before you committed your crimes”;

King then had a go at the “It’s coming up to Christmas, can we take the time of year into consideration?” -the Judge said “We don’t decide different sentences on the basis of the time of year, but on the basis of the law and the appropriate legal precedents / authorities – every authority I have canvassed says you should receive a jail sentence”.

Then it was “I don’t want to be 62 years-old and on the scrapheap, I was just being entrepreneurial and didn’t mean any harm to anyone – I just made a mistake” – the Judge said “You are a brazen and recidivist offender who conducts a charade of outward compliance whilst misleading the authorities, and you have a long history of offending, characterised by a strong sense of entitlement towards other peoples money”.

Kings last attempt at some sort of freedom then lay with his Amicus to assist the Court, who suggested that a sentence of Home Detention would meet the “deterrence” requirement for King to change his ways, whilst protecting the public – the Judge said “Home Detention is an inadequate sentencing for this level of offending”.

Immediately on being sentenced on 6 jail term convictions (all to be served concurrently, the longest sentence being 18 months imprisonment), King applied for bail pending an Appeal of his sentencing – after a brief Adjournment, the Judge said “Application denied”.

The on-duty Policeman in the dock then reached for his handcuffs, while Grant “Levi Ponyboy” King / Grant Good / George Good / Grant Norman / Grant Melrose (and all his other online aliases) and his daughter Sequoia King sobbed up a storm – it was like watching two people who had been living in the twilight zone their entire lives finally wake up to reality – and it wasn’t at all pretty to watch.

Grant Norman King, who has amassed over 40 offences in his criminal logbook of life, who even now has over $20,000 of fines owing to the Crown, who sold the Chinese investors in Tern Anchor and Trident Cycles down the river for over $300,000, who hid over $58,000 of income from the Official Assignee this time around, and who has amassed nearly $4 million dollars of fraud against 71 victims of fraud in the past 33 years, was led away, crying and sniffling like the proverbial baby.

I can’t imagine Mr King is going have a very pleasant time in Jail as a historically convicted sex offender.

Double-bunking at Mt Eden Prison should be fun too, I would imagine.

Gotcha, you prick.

The above is just a “taster” of the full story, which I have tonight had confirmed is being scheduled for publication within the next 1-2 weeks with an exclusive media organisation.

I have screeds of documents to publish as well, and I will release these documents on the website on the day the exclusive media news article is published.

Grant King – Convicted Sex Offender.

Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

Trident Cycles Facebook Page

Trident Cycles Trade Me Page

Grant King High Court Public Examination 2014

NZ Gazette Notice of Grant King Public Examination

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8 thoughts on “GOTCHA! Grant Norman King sentenced to 18 months Jail in Waitakere District Court this afternoon for (again) running a business whilst a bankrupt.

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  2. Amy Kelly

    Without ALL the victims information, without all their courage, without them losing their money and being furious about it. Without this website, without it being supported by the NZ Justice System and now this site being a landmark piece of caselaw taught by the University of Auckland… the MBIE would never have been able to collate and therefore focus it’s beam onto the motivations and deceptive nature of the offending of GRANT NORMAN KING.

    This alone is what gave the judge the information to make his judgement and get this piece of utter crap off the streets and away to where he belongs to be – out of society.

    This is phase one complete. His victims are free, his daughters are free. He is incarcerated. Rot in hell you piece of shit Grant. Have a nice time in the showers of Mt Eden.

  3. down with the king


    I would like to send a Christmas card to Grant Im just wondering if any body else would like to sign it as well.

    But seriously well done you have done an amazing job ! especially when the police and justice system refused to put a stop to his ongoing fraud.

    I hate to think about the many people, families and relationships that he has damaged, some beyond repair.

    Its really a systematic failure of the authorities, after all Grant is less that intelligent but has relied the apathy of the system and the people that administer it.

    He really is nothing more than a ruthless opportunist petty criminal who profited from the inaction of the Police.

    ie ” …Its a civil matter ….” dialog ,

    Its great to see him finally being the victim instead of just playing it.

    and Grant if they give you internet access and you read this post

    ” an’t Kama a …bitch (u) ”

    Just remember as a group we have a big investment in you and you can count on us keeping tabs on it, in the years to come. That will be anytime, any where and any name you use. We will always be watching, reporting and ensuring that your quality of life is less than ideal- a lot less.

    The entertainment value in witnessing your downfall has been one of the highlights of the year for me and I must say I look forward to the blow by blow updates on the site and I understand there will be many more

    Oh yeah Merry Christmas too !

  4. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Amy & Henry,

    Yes, it’s a pretty sweet victory alright.

    In the past 4 years, I have run into and heard from a number of people who supported Grant, who told me again and again that I “had it wrong”, that I was “bullying and picking on Grant”, etc. etc. However, there has been many, many more people who have helped and assisted me along the way, and they deserve a huge vote of thanks from all of us.

    Right up until the final sentencing, and even after having sat through days and days of evidence during the various court hearings relating to this case, and even after 4 years, I was still learning new information about how utterly depraved and sociopathic this guy Grant King is.

    He has been an utter menace and risk to public safety HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

    No-one and nothing he has touched during his entire existence on earth has come away unscathed in some way.

    I’m going to take a big break over the holidays, and then I am going to start on formatting the book.

    The working title is “When Victims Fight Back: The Grant Norman King Story”.


    Steve Taylor

    1. Steve Tyalor

      Hi all, please go to for further updates.

      King attempted to apply for Home Detention and was turned down.

      King then applied for bail pending an appeal to the High Court and bail was turned down.

      King then attempted to plead mitigating circumstances; Christmas; humanitarian grounds; and that he had made an honest mistake.

      None of these arguements was accepted by the Judge as being valid.

      King will do 9 months inside, and 9 months on an electronic bracelet outside.

      The Taylor family would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone (especially Helensville locals) who have assisted us over the past 4 years to finally put Mr King where he belongs – in prison.

  5. Jennie

    And just remember rust never rests. If he has computer access he will be operating from the inside like he did last time; placing advertisements in media to entice vulnerable people.

  6. Kendal Johnson

    Well done!!! This has made me smile all day. Dirty old bastard will hopefully be dealt his earned share of abuse inside.

    Hopefully some of the inmates in their have heard of him and are ready to teach the paedo a lesson!

  7. Bob

    King Cried last time he went to jail (this was for Sexual offences) obviously feeling sorry he didn’t get away with it. An experience worth while seeing.
    It has taken a lot of work to have him convicted in this system and when you think of all of his victims and the destruction that they have experienced after dealing with him it is pleasing to see this result.
    The sad thing is that he is continuing to destroy lives around him and like a leopard he will never change his spots.


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