Multiple minors groomed by Grant King for sex, 1 minor tied to a bed by Grant King when she tried to leave, yet Helensville Police say “it’s a civil matter”

Does this image shock you?

Because there are others I could have uploaded that would have told a much more graphic story.

It seems that with Grant King out of prison and now on electronic bail, there are a number of young women who, having now had sufficient distance from the “Stockholm Syndrome” of being in Grant Kings clutches, are now coming forward and sharing their stories of their awful experiences with King.

The trouble is, when the young women and their families then reportedly attempt to make complaints against Grant King at the Helensville Police Station, the families are telling this website that the Helensville Police fob them off with the oft-used catch-phrase when it comes to Kings offending, “your complaint is a civil matter”.

The background:

In 2004, King was sent to prison for the sexual assault of a minor.

Long story short, King kidnapped a young minor woman he had been grooming, took her away to a motel, and spent the weekend sexually assaulting her.

Post-prison sentence, Grant King then groomed a then-14 year old Hayley Morgan (again via horses) whose family were neighbours of Grant King, and who for years refused to believe that King was sexually grooming their daughter.

King would (and still does) pretend to the authorities that he was / is acting in a “care-giver” role for Hayley – they ended up being in a relationship for many years, and word is that this relationship has recently resumed.

Fast forward to Helensville, circa 2011-16.

During this time, King has ingratiated himself into the “horsie” set, and has favoured Woodhill Sands as his preferred hunting ground for prey.

Woodhill Sands of course has been repeatedly warned about Grant King and his paedophile background, but they have continued to entertain him.

Now, there are  (at least) 4 young women that we  know have been groomed by Grant King in recent times, who have made themselves known to this website.

Their story is exactly the same.

King will give the girls money, time, and horses, whilst simultaneously be-friending the young girls families.

Over time, King works to either isolate the young girls in a setting away from their family and friends, or will attempt to drive a divisive wedge between the young girl and her family, whilst positioning himself as “someone who understands” what the young girl might be going through (which is most often just teenage angst).

At times, King has even been successful in having young girls “choose” to live with him in his “care-giving” role.

One young lady reportedly made this decision to move in with King, and when she tried to leave the house because she was frightened for her safety, King tied her to a bed and wouldn’t let her go.

Now older and wiser, these young women are now summoning the courage to speak up about what happened, and they want to be able to file formal criminal charges of sexual assault against Grant King – but the young women say that the Helensville Police refuse to take their criminal complaints.

So, what is actually going on?

Maybe a representative of the Helensville Police Station could give me a call and give their side of the story?

In the meantime, there is a bunch of young women who are keen to talk to local Police – about criminal, not civil matters.

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11 thoughts on “Multiple minors groomed by Grant King for sex, 1 minor tied to a bed by Grant King when she tried to leave, yet Helensville Police say “it’s a civil matter”

  1. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Betty,

    What disappoints me more than the apparent poor response by Helensville Police, is the 4 years of warnings Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre has had about King, and every single warning they have ignored.

    Woodhill Sands has been Kings hunting ground for minor prey for as long as this site has been in existence (since 2011).

  2. down with the king

    Any follow up on this Steve,

    Typical King – divide, conquer, isolate …

    We have seen this pattern of grooming through out his offending.

    This is why he’s so dangerous.

    The local community need to be warned of his arrival in Waihi.

    How do we communicate with the locals there ?

    Do they have a local community paper etc …?

    Speaking from experience I would have appreciate a warning about him.

    If I had kids I would definitely need to know !

    The new Zealand Police are complicit in his offending refusing to take any action.

    The only way he has been held to account and will be held to account is through this web site.

    Where is Louise Nicholas when you need her ?

    How can we apply some motivation to the NZ Police and defeat their standard “…civil matter ….” defence ?

    Thanks Steve

    1. Concerned Waihiian

      This has now been published on the waihi community info grapevine. Thank you for the warning. We have quite a few horse clubs around and young girls at them. Hopefully either themselves or their parents will see this and read it thoroughly.

  3. Waiheathen

    Hi there.
    Maybe see if the girls who have contacted you would go as a group or individuals, with an advocate to another police station to make a statement.
    I have found this to work on occasion when the police behave this way.
    See if the girls are willing to complain to the IPCA. Sure they will probably only get a condescending reply
    but it does go on record, and may help someone else later on. I think you could make one as well.

  4. Steve Taylor Post author

    Great to hear – could you post a link to the Waihi Community Info page in the comments section of this post?

  5. Christine

    The three woman with their support person/s need to make an appointment with the ombudsman office if they are willing to take their concerns with the police further. What king has done is not a civil matter it’s a crime and needs to be dealt with as such.


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