Courageous “Wahine Toa” from Taumarunui is onto Grant King.

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“Like a possum caught in the headlights – so are the days of Grant Kings life”

The beauty of this network of over 70 victims of Grant Kings 32 years criminal history is that it is very, very motivated to see justice done when it comes to Grant King.

Another feature of the network is that it is simply EXCELLENT at recruiting new advocates to the cause.

One such example is a lady by the name of Paulette Ata, who has discovered that Mr Grant King has popped up just across from her house in Taumarunui:

True to form, as soon as King gets sprung, he trolls this website with a host of false identities, trying to pretend to be a host of different people while he desperately attempts to cover his tracks.

Too late, Ponyboy – Taumarunui is onto you, and particularly the lady above.

It’s a pity to hear that Sequoia King, Grant Kings daughter is down there with him – we are guessing that the new relationship and  the job didn’t work out, huh?


Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

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NZ Gazette Notice of Grant King Public Examination

 Jail Sentence Judgment Dec 2015

Grant King 2015 Verdict Waitakere District Court

One thought on “Courageous “Wahine Toa” from Taumarunui is onto Grant King.

  1. Rise again moon child

    Haha Gypsy Pants! You will be seen wherever you go. Let’s keep the locals informed. It’s scary to think how close he is to his prey.
    On the other hand, I can confirm Sequoias relationship is going fine actually. Even with her Britney Spears like hair freak out and drinking / lsd habit, he still thinks she’s charming.
    This boy needs to know about her before she destroys him. I doubt she’s been honest.


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