To shut down, or to not not shut down this website?

Approximately 8.5 years ago, a 32-year career criminal by the name of Grant Norman King, who had dramatically harmed the lives of 69 other fraud victims causing approximately $3.5 million dollars in fraud, chose to do the same to victim # 70 (me).

I was to be his last victim, and the consequences of King choosing me as a target proved (and still prove) to be a disaster for him.

So, what to do now?

After 8.5 years, King has experienced extensive media exposure, a raft of criminal convictions (including a jail sentence), an indefinite bankruptcy, and in indefinite restraining order.

There has also been no further reports of King committing any new criminal acts since this website went live in 2011.

Has this website done its job, or would the removal of the website (it’s online presence statutorily reinforced by a landmark court order), simply invite King to begin re-offending, safe from Google’s ever-present eyes?

I’m thinking these things through, and would welcome any feedback on this musing.



2 thoughts on “To shut down, or to not not shut down this website?

  1. Dun Mihaka

    Kahore! Don’t remove this site! Karina and Mike Edmonds ripped off their disabled brother as her other brother Hone pointed out on another post, this website is a valuable resource and a warning to future victims and i vote NO – do NOT remove the contents of this site! Karina has managed to get away with this for far too long and will continue to rip us all off if she is not stopped!


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