The verdict is in – this site stays up, until Grant King stops breathing.

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Further to my last post, when I was considering taking this site down, I have been recently reminded as to why this site needs to remain live.

I received a communication from a person from Taumarunui (Grant Kings latest residence) berating me for allegedly “publishing untrue information” about Grant King.

Scratching the surface revealed that this person was a female solo mother, who has a young daughter, and was someone who King had “been helping”.

In other words, an exact match to the common target profile that Grant King sets his sights on, before going in for the monetary or sexual thrill “kill”.

I have warned her, and (I am assuming she can read what is on this site) that is all I can do.

However, if I ever needed evidence, that, almost 9 years after this site was launched, it still serves a purpose, then this communication with this woman did it for me.

For as long as Grant King is drawing breath – this site will remain live.

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One thought on “The verdict is in – this site stays up, until Grant King stops breathing.

  1. Noel Hawthorne

    Great outcome, this site needs to remain open as this man cannot help himself. This way you may be able to save others from his manipulation and victims from his predatory behaviour.


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