Calling “George Good” (AKA Grant King) , Taumarunui’s “Wreck-it Ralph”

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Remember “Fixit Felix”?

Felix was the cartoon builder in the movie Wreck-it Ralph.

When Ralph would break things, Felix would make all things right again.

Not so “George Good” (Grant King).

“George Good” POSES as Fixit Felix, but he is really Wreck-It Ralph in disguise.

Some reported recent examples form Taumarunui include:

a/ Grant King posing as a mentor to a young vulnerable woman, when in reality Grant is preying on her;

b/ Grant King pretending to be a mighty local business owner, when in reality he is a 3-time indefinite bankrupt, and has just been given the arse by a local Maori Trust;

c/ Grant King name-dropping local high profile entities to all and sundry, when in reality he is simply grooming his next commercial “mark” (Doneright Movers? Caveat Emptor).

As I have said on a number of occasions over the years, I have eyes everywhere, and it seems “George Good” needs to be reminded of this from time to time.

Such as now.

Word to the wise in Taumarunui: The next time “George Good” introduces himself as “George Good”, ask him to produce some verifiable identity – you will find you are in fact talking to Grant Norman King (Wreck-it Ralph).

And that should make you very cautious indeed.

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