The Queen v Grant Norman King (April, 2004): The sex offender judgement, conviction, and prison sentence that Grant King told the Sensible Sentencing Trust “never happened” – did.

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For the past 11 years, it has been a firm claim of this website that Grant King (aka George Good), amongst many other dodgy and illegal pursuits, is a convicted sex offender.

For this same past 11 years, Grant King (aka George Good) has flat out denied this claim to all and sundry, including to the Sensible Sentencing Trust, on which King had a comprehensive profile on the SST Offender database.

On the basis of the Sensible Sentencing Trust being unable to secure evidence of the specific judgment, the SST was required to amend King’s profile accordingly, by deleting this information pertaining to Grant King’s (aka George Good’s) sexual offender conviction and subsequent prison sentence for the offence.

For the past 11 years, we have been hoping to secure material evidence of this court case and conviction.

This morning, the material evidence of the judgement, conviction, and prison sentence for the sex offences committed by Grant King (aka George Good) arrived in the post.

We are now seeking legal advice on the limits (if any) regarding the publication of this document.

We will keep readers posted – right now, it is sufficient that readers (and Mr King especially) know that after a long wait – we now have the corroborating information we need to affirm our claim that Grant Norman King (aka George Good) is a convicted sex offender.

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