To shut down, or to not not shut down this website?

Approximately 8.5 years ago, a 32-year career criminal by the name of Grant Norman King, who had dramatically harmed the lives of 69 other fraud victims causing approximately $3.5 million dollars in fraud, chose to do the same to victim # 70 (me).

I was to be his last victim, and the consequences of King choosing me as a target proved (and still prove) to be a disaster for him.

So, what to do now?

After 8.5 years, King has experienced extensive media exposure, a raft of criminal convictions (including a jail sentence), an indefinite bankruptcy, and in indefinite restraining order.

There has also been no further reports of King committing any new criminal acts since this website went live in 2011.

Has this website done its job, or would the removal of the website (it’s online presence statutorily reinforced by a landmark court order), simply invite King to begin re-offending, safe from Google’s ever-present eyes?

I’m thinking these things through, and would welcome any feedback on this musing.



Grant King in Wellington, living with Sequoia King? Yes, says Instagram, No, says Taumarunui.

My goodness, Grant “Gypsy Pants” King is certainly living up to his name recently.

A spell in Whangaparaoa with his Mum, followed by a stint in Taumarunui with one of his elder daughters, a brief stop-off in Auckland, followed by a “hunkering down” in Wellington with another daughter.

As a publically disclosed beneficiary, King will have needed to provide Work & income NZ with a permanent residential address in order to meet obligation criteria for receiving same.

Hopefully, he is keeping his WINZ Case Manager advised of his nomadic wanderings (we will let them know, just to be sure).

If King wants to remain under the radar, then having photos of him petting a cat being posted onto Instagram, which then discloses his whereabouts, probably wasn’t his smartest move.

Taumarunui still seems to be Grant Kings current domicile.

Is Grant King back in Helensville?

It seems a number of sources are reporting that Grant King may have now moved out of Taumarunui, and back into 46K Garfield Rd in Helensville.

I am aware that there was a growing negative community pressure in Taumarunui against King’s presence, but up until very recently, I wasn’t aware that this pressure had resulted in an outcome.

If my “eyes on the ground” people in Helensville have any information pertaining to he above possibility, please let me know.

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