Insolvency Officer contact details if you have information pertaining to Grant King.

A number of people have provided information over the years regarding Grant King.

If any reader wishes to forward any information about Grant King that they believe may be helpful to the Insolvency Office, please email who is handling the Grant King file.

Grant King – Convicted Sex Offender.

Grant King Offender Timeline 1982 – present-day

Grant King Media Articles Library Summary

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Grant King High Court Public Examination 2014

NZ Gazette Notice of Grant King Public Examination

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2 thoughts on “Insolvency Officer contact details if you have information pertaining to Grant King.

  1. Lee Fitzsimmons

    Seeing this low life go down is the best news I have seen for years. The young girl mentioned in one of his photos has special needs and is extremely vulnerable. With him in prison she will have lost access to his horses (which he used to reel her in) but will for now at least be safe from him, if only for a short while.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, I’m hopeful that the more the community is aware of Kings grooming practices, the more cautious they will be with their own children and minors around him.

    Interesting to find out that King owns horses – the Insolvency Office will be very interested to learn this, as any asset that King owns is automatically liquidated so that outstanding creditors from Kings 2010 bankruptcy can be paid out.

    There has also been a report today of a boat being moored at Princes Wharf that King apparently has some sort of interest in.


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