Mike Edmonds & Karina-Mihaka Edmonds (Grant Kings long-term stolen goods receivers) make the news, using stolen money and products to claim “self-sufficiency”.

(Click image to enlarge) Sarah Harris from Stuff should dig a little deeper into these two, and she would discover that they are both: Bankrupts Thieves Con artists Tax cheats Multiple current debtors (especially around “home renovation” projects). Have a mutual history of domestic violence (especially Karina – very, very fond of her hands, is […]

Some random impertinent questions for Karina Mihaka, Michael Edmonds, and Grant Norman King to answer:

1/ Please explain what happened to over $40,000.00 worth of Joinery that was apparently sequestered from Pipitiwahi St, Helensville, the former residence of Mihaka and Edmonds, and how is it that this joinery was reportedly given to GNK to on-sell; 2/ Please explain the current lawsuit that has been filed against Karina Mihaka for the $6000.00 horse she has […]

What is the connection between Timatanga Horses, Karina Mihaka, Michael Edmonds, and GNK?

Timatanga Horses: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001256151252 And who was the person who Karina Mihaka reportedly recently assaulted? And how do two currently bankrupt individuals maintain a multi-hundred thousand dollar a year lifestyle, without evidence of legitimate income? And why is Michael Edmonds not declaring his locally reported “cash only” building jobs (including horse floats and sleepouts on site […]

Does anyone have a photo of Karina Mihaka & Michael Edmonds?

If so, please email it to 24-7@maxnet.co.nz Update 10/2/12: Is this them? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpdcVaFi7VI According to the “Shark Patrol” Insolvency website, a Karina Miria Mihaka of 500 Kaipara Coast Highway, RD 1, Kaikapakapa, was declared bankrupt on 6/12/10, and Michael William Edmonds of 38 Pipiptiwai Drive, Helensville, was declared bankrupt on 1/7/10. Any updates welcome. Update […]

Who are Karina Miria Mihaka & Micheal William Edmonds of Helensville, and what is their relationship to GNK?

And is there a possible connection with GNK’s time at Rocna Anchors, and  / or the company “NZ Kennels”? Update 9/2/12: Wow, that was a quick response. It seems that Karina and Michael are very good friends of GNK, and allegedly assisted GNK with the illegal receiving of some stolen anchors from Rocna. When GNK ended up […]